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CMV Spotlight: Angel and Oliver

Welcome to Sunshine and Shattered Dreams! I am so glad to have you.

My world for the last few years has been advocating. The only story I have been sharing is mine, which is not the only one out there.

This year, I have decided to use my platform to shine a light on the warriors who fight CMV and the parents who advocate alongside them.

Hi Angel, it is such a pleasure to have you on the blog. Thank you for sharing your story and your journey with Oliver.

Samantha: Before his diagnosis, had you ever heard of CMV?

Angel: No I had absolutely no idea what CMV was or what problems it could cause for my baby if he contracted it as well it was absolutely scary no knowing anything.

Samantha: How did your journey with Oliver begin? What was going through your mind? Angel: My journey began when my little guy wasn’t growing like they wanted him to throughout my whole pregnancy. They blamed it on me just being tiny. When they did one last ultrasound and saw he still was in the 3rd percentile they sent me to a specialist who did more ultrasounds and lots of testing, which then lead to the discovery of my CMV diagnosis. When Oliver was born he seemed completely healthy, just small. They did his tests in the hospital but lost them all when they sent them off, I was a very upset mama! As of now though, we have a for sure diagnosis from his team of doctors that he has been affected by CMV.

Samantha: Tell me a little more about his conditions associated with CMV. At his age, how many specialists are on your team? Angel: Oliver has Fine and Gross motor delays so he has an OT and soon to be a PT. Oliver also has a neurologist for his epilepsy. He has a hearing and vision specialist on his team as well for precautionary measures since CMV can affect vision and hearing. His biggest person on his team that has been our biggest support is his Pediatrician. He’s been absolutely amazing with Oliver since day one! I couldn’t ask for a better doctor for Oliver.

Samantha: What is your biggest fear for your Oliver? Angel: Honestly, I don’t have a lot fears for him. Obviously as a mom you fear everything, but he has overcome so much and is so strong and stubborn. He is gonna do some great things in this world no matter what is in his way.

Samantha: What is your greatest hope for him? Angel: My greatest hope for Oliver is that he realizes that no matter what is going on he can take that and still do whatever he wants in life. He may have to make accommodations for things but he should never let it stop him from doing whatever he dreams of doing .

Samantha: How do you take care of yourself? This journey can feel solitary, like you are in it alone even though you know there are many more out there fighting the same fight. Where do you turn to fill your cup? Angel: Until now It was my mom and dad and some really good friends that I talked to about everything, but it’s hard when they don’t understand any of this themselves. So I turned to a group on Facebook and found so many families that are going through the struggles of CMV as well, and it’s taken so much away from me knowing that I’m not alone and there are people that understand what I’m going through and can help answer questions that I have about CMV.

Samantha: A life filled with hardness can teach us some amazing lessons on love, kindness, empathy, and joy. What are some lessons that you have learned through your journey that might be helpful to a mother who has just begun? Angel: Never take any moment for granted, record every single milestone, and don’t be afraid to share it all! Also, remember that all babies truly are different and they will do everything in their own time and if they don’t that’s ok, that doesn’t mean you have failed as a parent it just means they are more unique in their own way

Samantha: What is a quote, scripture, prayer, or piece of mediation that you would like to leave us with today?

Angel: CMV doesn’t define who they are. CMV is only a part of who they are, they are no different than any other kid, they can do everything just in a different way.

Oliver: all photos courtesy of Angel Treanor

Thank you, Angel. It is amazing to see how different everyone's story is, yet how similar. Your determination to help Oliver be the best he can be is inspiring.

To learn more about CMV and ways you can get involved, please visit the National CMV Foundation.

To make a donation to National CMV in Oliver's honor, please visit here.

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