• Samantha Isaacs

April, May, June

Updated: May 12, 2020

For me, it doesn't matter what month it is. Every day is CMV Awareness. Nationally though, CMV Awareness Month is in June.

In 2018, the most beautiful philanthropic photographer surprised me with this video session.

I had written a letter to a few Senators in Florida and got 0 response. I was frustrated and feeling defeated.

I showed up for a few photos and she said, we're going to record it. Your letter. We're going to share your story and your voice.

We are still working- a year later- on getting into legislation.

We are still working on getting education to be a priority for our state.

But we are not stopping.

These lives are too precious to give up now.

So, no matter if it's April, May, or June.... it is appropriate to advocate for CMV.

We can all #StopCMV together.

For more information about CMV, please visit www.nationalcmv.org and you can follow us on FaceBook and Instagram with #HankStrong

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