• Samantha Isaacs

Before and After

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

When we look at photos from some time ago, we label them with "before" and "after". Before someone got married. After someone moved. Before we started driving. After we graduated.

Before someone was born or after someone died.

Before the diagnosis...and after.

Our lives are timelines, just a vapor in the wind. A blip on the radar. People are here today and gone tomorrow.

But on these timelines there are these significant moments.

One these timelines we have marriages, births, graduations, birthdays, and more.

I'm thankful for my timeline. I'm thankful that I have "before" photos. I'm thankful for the opportunity to look back and remember the sweet days of innocence. The days when I dreamed of tiny toddler prints in the mud, trucks and toys, sports and dates.

I look at that sweet face and think of all the joy I held for his future.

I have new ones now, different things I want for his life.

I dream for walking in his trainer. I dream of using his hands to play independently and self feed. I hope he brings light and peace and joy to everyone that he meets because that is exactly what he brings to me.

My before and after have changed me.

And I wouldn't change that.

☀️❤ Light and love Samantha

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