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CMV Awareness Month

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

June is National CMV Awareness Month. Here is our story.

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Through June, it was a personal mission to bring awareness and spread information about CMV.

It took all month but I managed to get a news station to publish a story.

I attended a conference at Nemour’s Children’s Hospital in Orlando where I heard Dr. Albert Park from Utah speak on the importance of early detection. I nodded along to all of his statements about the devastating effects of this virus.

Nemour’s put together this video.

After hearing our story, Channel 9 news asked for an interview. I agreed and we met on Monday. The news anchor walked in and she was pregnant.

And a wave of panic hit me.

We were going to sit down with this woman, she was going to look at Hank for an hour and we were going to talk about this virus that affects pregnant women. I was so anxious about it.

I retold my story, Hank’s story, and our journey to where we are now.

I watched as she nodded her head and I could see the wheels turning.

After she spoke with me, she spoke to Infectious Disease and the Otolaryngologist.

When we finished, I said, “I hope you aren’t terrified. I hope we didn’t scare you senseless. Please know that while this is dangerous and the public needs to be aware, we don’t want anyone to panic.”

She thanked us. She said she had never heard of it but when she realized what it was and that she had several friends pregnant as well, she knew it was something that needed to be talked about.

Here is our interview.

The morning following the interview with Channel 9, we spoke with WTXL Tallahassee. My interview is here and begins around the 4:45 mark.

Through these experiences, I’ve realized that we have to share our story. We don’t know who it will reach or how they will be impacted. What if the storm we have weathered gave us the tools to help someone else.

My resilience and ability to walk this rocky road has equipped me to help others. My faith in Christ has given me a peace that passes on to others when they are short on their own. My people; parents, friends, family, the special needs communities I have found (or that have found me!), all of these people have helped me get through.

Motherhood is hard, really hard.

Motherhood involving extra-special needs is exhausting.

Through support and community involvement, we will all get through this.

Light and Love, Samantha

(original posted as "Share Your Story" on July 8, 2018, at www.henrytheherobog.wordpress.com)

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