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CMV Spotlight: Destiny and Jasmine

Welcome to Sunshine and Shattered Dreams, Destiny!
I am so glad to have you.
My world for the last few years has been advocating, but the only story I have been sharing is mine, which is not the only one out there.
This year, I have decided to use my platform to shine a light on the warriors who fight CMV and the parents who advocate alongside them.

Samantha: Introduce yourself and your child to us:

Hi. I’m Destiny and my daughter is Jasmine.

Samantha: Before your child’s diagnosis, had you ever heard of CMV?

Destiny: No, I had not.

Samantha: How did your journey with Jasmine begin? What was going through your mind?

Destiny: Well, I found out when she was born that I had contracted CMV during my pregnancy and it passed through the placenta to her, which caused her to have a stroke. She has microcephaly and multiple other problems. I was so confused and didn’t know what the outcome for her would be.

Samantha: Tell me a little more about Jasmine's conditions associated with CMV. At her age, how many specialists are on your team?

Destiny: Because of CMV, Jasmine has had a stroke and the right side of her brain is missing a large part of her frontal lobe, and a small part of the left side of her brain. These empty pockets are filled with spinal fluid that was caused by an artery losing blood flow. She may have cortical blindness and will be delayed in every aspect. There are 12 doctors on Jasmine’s team that work to take care of her.

Samantha: What is your biggest fear for Jasmine?

Destiny: My biggest fear is that she will never be able to say “mommy” and she will never have a normal life.

Samantha: What is your greatest hope for her?

Destiny: My greatest hope is that she will overcome everything the doctors have said will be wrong.

Thank you, Destiny, for sharing your story and your beautiful daughter. Jasmine is so young and she has a lot of growing and learning to do. You are new in your journey but you have already grown so much. You and Jasmine are going to do amazing things, watch and see!

For more information about CMV and ways to get involved or raise awareness, please visit www.nationalcmv.org

If you would like to make a donation to the National CMV Foundation in Jasmine's honor, please visit here.

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