• Samantha Isaacs

Don't Let it Steal Your Joy

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

I see it a lot in the SN parenting groups: “When”- when did this thing happen, that thing start, this milestone come, that health issue worsen.

I see the “when” and “what if” stealing joy.

And without fail, to each of these posts, I respond with “What if it doesn’t?”

My advice is simple to the new moms- stay off Google. Or, if you must, you must not become consumed.

If you need to search the condition, into the medical terms thrown up on you, if you must torture yourself…. you must also be able to rise.

Do not drown yourself in medical journals night after night. Do not read through forum after community posting looking for something. Because at this point in your journey, there’s nothing for you to find.

Have I done this? 100% I have. That's how I know you need to stop.

You already have what you need. It’s a baby. He is sleeping so soundly while you panic at each twitch. She smiles at you while all you can do is beg her telepathically to sit by herself, to prove them wrong.

You’re stealing away your joy.

Do not let the what-ifs control you.

What if he starts having seizures – yes, darling, what if he does. But what it he doesn’t.

What if she needs a feeding tube- I know. And you'll work amazingly hard to ensure she doesn't… But maybe she will. That will be okay too.

What if he doesn’t learn to sit by himself – maybe so, but what if they joy of him sitting is shrouded by your fear of him not doing more…

You are going to worry away the ministones, Momma.

You’re going to be so focused on spasms that you miss smiles. So focused on physical feats that you miss feeding victories.

Will this be hard – bet your last dollar on it. Will it be fulfilling – every day.

This is going to change your life but don’t let it rob you.

You’ll soon accidentally venture out to do something & realize you survived and enjoyed it. You’ll go for a swim and your face will hurt from smiling so much at the pleasure he finds in splashing.

There’s going to be trips to zoos & aquariums and you’ll melt when you watch her take it in.

Maybe the belly laughing while you push him in the swings, maybe that will be your turning point.

Turn back to joy.

Live and be fulfilled.

Laugh and embrace the new side of “what if”……

what if we CAN ♡

Light and Love,


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