• Samantha Isaacs

Going through the Grieving

Have you ever read something and it hurts. Physical pain. Like, you know how the writer felt.

Or maybe you're terrified to feel what they describe but you can't help it, so your heart is crushed. Your chest heaves. Your head pounds and the tears, they come. You can't stop them or control them.

For the next moments, you're sharing grief with this person, whether you know them or not. Maybe it's just a story you came across in your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram feeds and the writer is a stranger. Maybe there is a common thread in your story and theirs though.

For about a week now, cCMV moms across the US have done this. We watched as Brittany brought sweet Corrinne home from the hospital on hospice. We followed Corrinne into the hospital a few times and she was really sick this time. We were all praying for her, pulling for her to bounce back one more time. It was Christmas, she loves Christmas! But it wasn't in her story. That wasn't the narrative Corrinne would follow.

When I tell you it was gut wrenching, I'm not exaggerating. Corr let her family know she was tired. Her journey coming to an end. She allowed them time to realize what was happening. Brittany shared each day her feelings. In an honest & raw way that left me sobbing. Then, on December 28th, Corrinne left this world the same way she came into it... in her mother's arms, surrounded by the love of her family. And I sobbed.

Corr ran, on perfectly working legs, into the arms of Jesus. She laughed and is singing. She is perfect and healed and whole. Her fight is over.

This..... that.... is what I hold on to each and every time a fellow mother walks this path. And it's what I hold on to knowing one day, it'll be me.

This... that... is why it's so important we continue our education efforts in CMV. So less of us have to do this.

Keep Brittany and family in your prayers as they navigate this new normal. This terrible awful normal. Keep all the grieving mothers in your prayers as they live a life they never wanted. A life empty of the child they had. Keep the rest of us in your prayers as we live each day...

A grieving mother has to continue her life. This family will go back to work and school. Her brothers will live the rest of their lives without her. Her parents have three children and only 2 are here. There is a gaping hole.

She isn't the first.

She will not be the last.

One day friends, I'll be writing our story out as well. That day will come much sooner than I want it to. We've been pretty honest about that from the beginning. So while death will not be a surprise, the pain will be unbearable.

Love on those around you. You simply have no idea what they are going through or have been through and your love might just save them a little.

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