• Samantha Isaacs

My Most Important Job

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Warrior Advocate Champion Supporter Crusader Spokesperson Forever friend

I am nutritionist, at home therapist. I am the softest and toughest on him.

I. Am. Mama.

A million thanks to my bests, Justin and Ryne, at JREdwards for my gift.

It's not easy, this winding road. But the load is made light because of love and friendship from this community.

I am everything to this gift from above and I wont ever step down.

Mama's, know your power. Understand your instinct. Advocate so hard. You have a gut feeling, you just know. Don't falter on that.

If you don't know how or where or what, find us. There are warriors who will come. We will lift, love, teach, support. You won't ever crusade alone on this journey of special needs. We have been there, we are here.

The greatest gift by far that I have received in special-needs parenting, is the gift of camaraderie. A gift I hope to bestow upon new moms who are overwhelmed and under-supported. The resources available to children with special needs is sufficient. The resources to their parents, non-existent.

Don't give up, mom. We're here for you.

Light and Love,


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