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Stop and See the Flowers

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

We took a mini-vacation this weekend.

Sometimes we really need to unplug from the constant going of life and slow down.

We like to meet up with my mom halfway (ish) and spend a weekend doing something fun.

We left Friday after school and drove to a campground in Lula called North Florida Canopy Tours. We stayed in a giant teepee (glamping, really) and the kids thought it was the best.

The campground has a small playground nestled between the tents so kids aren't too far from watchful eyes. There is ultimate frisbee, disc gulf, cornhole, a small putt-putt course, and zipline! There are marked hiking trails and and a gorgeous view. Multiple other families were staying and there is something about a campfire that brings people together. We shared s'mores, roasted hot dogs, and talked about life. All the kids decorated themselves in glow-sticks and played tag in the dark. I was able to kick up my feet and read a book, snuggled under my blanket. It was like a dream, a few moments of care-free, a weight lifting from my shoulders. It is moments like those when I can physically feel the rest.

Saturday morning, we got up with the sun (because it shines in to the teepee, no complaints) and loaded up for a trip to Blairsville. We found an adorable pit-stop on the way to Helen called Sleepy Hollow Whimsical Fairy Garden.

The kids were beside themselves with the imagination and whimsy. It is not a large area so it's a quick visit. My 1 "complaint" is that it is not a wheelchair friendly place. The boardwalk in to the garden has several steps, and while it was easy enough to lift Hank's chair up and down, it was inconvenient.

Most of the fairy houses you (well, maybe your little one) can go in to. My girls were so enthralled with the magic of it. There is a small craft store where you can buy your own fairy garden supplies and houses. It was definitely worth the trek over the mountain to visit.

I will make a note that when we left Lula on the GPS route to Blairsville, we passed a Waffle House. We like to eat at local spots so we skipped it. Mistake! There was nothing between our camp spot and Sleepy Hollow.

We left Sleepy Hollow on the search for food - insert many grumbling bellies- and stumbled upon Gibson Drive-In, in Young Harris.

It was a small spot but man was it good. I recommend the Philly Cheesesteak!

We finally arrived in Helen and our first stop was Charlemange's Kingdom, a massive model train display. Hank loves trains and as soon as we saw it, we knew we had to stop. They offer a scavenger hunt that the kids had a lot of fun finding. The train display is easy to walk around and can also be viewed from above. We walked very slowly and it was a lot of fun to spot the little things (dragons, UFO's, and more!).

Poor planning on our part led us in to Helen during Oktoberfest. It began the last weekend of September and runs through the whole month of October.

It was extremely crowded and very loud so we made the decision to continue on.

We passed a billboard for "Babyland" and I just knew that was next!!

Babyland is the Cabbage Patch Baby General Hospital, where all of those sweet Cabbage Patch babies are born.

I may have been the most excited person in our party, but hey! I grew up with the love of a Cabbage Patch.

It was a short stop. It is 1 level and has a very short history section. The rest is merchandise. It was still worth the while to see all the progress these sweet faces have made. You can buy an Original baby or toddler while you are there. One for everyone!

On our way back to the campground, we passed a sunflower field. It was cold, windy, and wet. We had been gone all day. We were hungry. We stopped anyway. There are times when you just have to stop and quite literally smell the flowers.

We had such an amazing weekend, in the mountains. Relaxing in the cool Georgia air, sitting by a fire at night, enjoying some amazing food.

I would encourage everyone, check out for the weekend. Go somewhere and do something. Leave it unplugged (turn off the data and wi-fi) and explore. Take pictures, breathe fresh air, be present with those you love.

Light and Love,


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