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Sweet Dreams, Sweet Boy

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

Finding rest through it all.

"How does Hank sleep?"

Odd questions, I think. Now.

If you asked me that before Hank turned 2, I would have said, "He's a terrible sleeper! Unless he is being held."

Sleep dysfunction is common in children affected by PMG and CMV. Their brains have abnormal wave patterns, which can cause a variety of disruptions. For some children, sleep comes easily and they sleep too much. for others, falling and staying asleep are difficult.

As an infant, it's hard to recognize abnormal sleep patters. We're all exhausted and just sleep when we can, right Momma's?

By 9 months old, I had begun to realize this wasn't right. Hank would only sleep for 2 hours at a time on his own. If you laid with him, he was back to sleep. If you held him, he was back to sleep. He could sleep for hours with the TV on and the noise of his sisters.

There has to be a solution

I spent hours thinking of ways to help my little man get a restful night sleep. With hours of therapy each week, we both needed him rested.

Then one night, a thunderstorm gave me a much needed answer.

As it does in Florida, it rained. Hard. Thunder, lightening, the works.

Not 1 time in 6 hours did Hank wake up.

I woke up in a panic that I had slept through my little boy crying. I run to check and he's snoring away.

His sister laying with him, her arm across his back.

Amazon quickly provided a piece of the solution: A sound machine. Thunderstorm, heartbeat, ocean waves, summer's night sounds.

Hank needed to feel held down. Hearing loss can disrupt your equilibrium and it's possible that Hank feels as though he is falling, which would explain his need to be held.

All of these new things brought to light for me (had I not been sleep deprived for a year, they may have made sense earlier), I start to research weighted blankets.

In the end, a very dear friend who has seen me through this messy journey from the gender reveal, sends me a blanket. "To Hank, Love Ryne"

Since that time, we sleep soundly. Hank with his crickets or thunderstorm (we alternate) and his blanket. Me in my bed. All night.

That long story for this piece of advice: listen to your child's body. Is it pain, is it loneliness, is it an illness, muscle spasms, silence, vestibular upset, etc. They will tell you what they need, and you have the ability to respond naturally.

I do understand the need for medications when nothing seems to be working. A sleep deprived momma cannot care for a child with exceptional needs. Take care of you sweet women. Don't forget that your body needs rest too.

For a weighted blanket, visit Ryne & Justin here. This is the sound machine we use for Hank. Yes, it travels with us.

Sleep tight dears.

Light and Love,


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