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T-Shirt Time

Each year we run a batch of T-Shirts for #HankStrong.

Our very first year, the t-shirts were done as a fundraiser for our family.

In 2016, just a month or so after Hank's 1st birthday, Hank began to have difficulty breathing. We had an emergency visit with his ENT and after that there were several more emergency appointments. It was discovered that he had a large mass in his esophagus. We made quite a few trips back and forth from Crawfordville to UF Shands in Gainesville. In the end, the mass was benign. To alleviate some of his symptoms however, he had surgery to remove his adenoids. The funds from these shirts, which were a surprise and may have (definitely did) make me cry, helped to support us in that short but scary time.

The original #HankStrong shirt, circa 2016.

We did not do any shirts in 2017 and by spring of 2018, there was another need. Hank had been evaluated for a special tricycle. Hank absolutely adores the outdoors and playing with his sisters. It took us nearly a year but our sweet boy finally got his bike!

The 2018 t-shirt

This year, we will be doing T-Shirts but not for a fundraiser to our family. A portion of each shirt will be donated to a local organization here in the Tallahassee area called Hang Tough Foundation. Hang Tough is a small organization whose goal is to take care of the whole family. They hold sibling days, family night out, parents night out, family fun day, support groups, and so very much more. They want the entire family to be taken care of because when you have a child with special needs, there are small aspects of life that can be neglected. Please visit their website to learn more!

Our T-Shirts were designed by and will be produced by the very best friends, Justin and Ryne at JREdwards PDC.

We will be taking pre-orders for these shirts until 10/31/2019 and are $17.

To order your shirts, available in Youth and Adult (women and mens), please send an email to us as sharingsunshineblog@gmail.com with your Name, Shipping Address, Sizes and PayPal information.

Light and Love,


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