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What's Up Wednesday

As promised in January (yes, I know it's March, gimme a break!), I want to do a blast with updates regarding all things SaSD.

HB1362 in Indiana needed some support. They got it. They have had several votes and will convene again on 3.31.21. To keep up with their progress, follow here.

Moderna began accepting applicants for their clinical trials for the CMV Vaccine in February. We are so excited to see the progress that this will make!

Amazing new research published in JAMA Pediatrics regarding newborn bloodspot testing for CMV. Thank you to everyone at the University of Minnesota Medical School and the CDC for your work on this important public health issue!

Also check out this amazing editorial by National CMV Foundation Scientific Advisory Committee member Dr. Gail Demmler-Harrison! The time to #screenforcmv is now!

Recent research, published in The Lancet concluded that early treatment of Cytomegalovirus during pregnancy can help stop the baby from being infected.

"Valaciclovir is effective in reducing the rate of fetal cytomegalovirus infection after maternal primary infection acquired early in pregnancy. Early treatment of pregnant women with primary infection might prevent termination of pregnancies or delivery of infants with congenital cytomegalovirus."

Read the full article here for more information.

At the end of February, Massachusetts introduced a Universal Screening and Education Bill to legislation.

Check out the latest podcast from National CMV Foundation, presented by Moderna.

Khaliah of NCMVF and Cody Stevens, President of the Polymicrogyria Awareness Organization sit down with Tammy Boyd, JD, MPH, from the Black Women's Health Imperative to discuss the Rare Disease Diversity Coalition.

On March 10th, the Washington State Board of Health considered a proposal to add Congenital CMV to the state's newborn screening panel, for infants that fail their hearing screen.

On March 18th, the Connecticut General Assembly considered a bill regarding insurance coverage for cochlear implantation surgery.

Congratulations to "Team Minnesota!" Their cCMV bill passed out of the Health and Human Services Committee on March 17! The amended bill (Vivian's Act) requires CMV education and universal screening of newborns for Congenital CMV.

I will continue to update at the end of each month! Stay tuned for more progress as we all stand together to #StopCMV

Light and Love,


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