• Samantha Isaacs

What the (SN) World Needs More Of


We need more opportunities. Opportunities for therapy, to have a conversation with doctors, to go on adventures, to educate. Opportunity is a doorway to bigger and better.

Currently, children are limited to the 3 main therapies for Early Intervention [Physical, Occupational, and Speech] by insurance/ government regulations and personal finance…They are one hour a week, available only to children under 3 years/36 months of age.

Imagine if you only dieted, stretched, and exercised once a week.

Parents are taking home a little knowledge and doing their best to continue working.

We spend hours researching therapies that might help. Then we locate someone near us – often quite a task as well- and ask. We get a quote on how much a week it would cost and we sigh. Can we afford that? Should we try? A small piece of hope is gone.

Insurance companies don’t cover, and won’t even if asked, any additional therapy. Music, visual, massage … all of it is out of pocket. Anywhere from $40-$120 a week for services. Your budget is so tight and the guilt of thinking you just can not do it, is awful.

I wish (and I hope to be able to help change it one day) that we could be given the opportunity to see if this therapy will help… if we could just try. Then if insurance would say “yes” more than they say no.

We need opportunity for counsel. To just sit and talk it out with a doctor. Often, the appointments have an agenda, when sometimes we need a conversation. We need honesty & support, someone that says “What can I do for you right now” and be ready to hear it. I am positive that I have PTSD from all that I have gone through with Hank, and the questions of "How are you doing" never comes around. I know that I am not alone, I know there are many mothers and father who are emotionally struggling through all that they endure with their children. We need an opportunity for parents to let these things out.

I wish there were more adventures to be had. Not because places aren’t handicap accessible (that too) but because we have a fear of going. Moms worry a lot and add in some additional needs, that fear becomes 10-fold. We await the stares and pointing. We are accommodating and apologetic when we should not be.

But the most important, the largest, the need with immeasurable value: we need the opportunity to be included in the ongoing of life around us. Be present with us and live in the moment with us. Inclusion isn't anything extravagant, it's being invited to the table even if we bring our own meal.

Invite us, encourage us, talk to us, love us. That's what we need.

Light and Love,


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