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How we came to Sunshine and Shattered Dreams.

In May 2015, our sweet boy was born. After 3 girls, we were over the moon for a little man. During our hospital stay, Hank could not pass his hearing tests. It wasn't made to be much, and we were simply to follow up with out-patient testing for confirmation.

In August 2015, my bundle of joy was diagnosed with Sensorineural Hearing Loss in his left ear. "Profoundly deaf". I walked down the hallway, checked-out, and started down the corridor. I made it to the elevator with my brave face before it shattered. Dr. B wanted us to see a Genetics Counselor because there is no family history of hearing loss. She knew something and wouldn't tell me, I could feel it.

In October 2015, it shattered. We had several tests and evaluations done. It was diagnosis day. Hank was diagnosed with a congenital Cytomegalovirus infection and generalized Polymicrogyria.

Over the last few years, we have taken our shattered dreams and rebuilt the life we had hoped for. We have found that life has a purpose we cannot predict and through faith we will get through. The pieces don't all fit together the way we thought they would, but the picture we have made is a beautiful one. The sunshine has returned and we are moving forward. This is our journey; one I hope can bring you peace and comfort, inspire you to take 1 more step, give you hope for a brighter tomorrow. I hope that you find love here. 

May the blessings pour out on you in this beautiful mess we call life.

Isaiah 61:3,


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